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The Total WordPress Theme by WPExplorer

Total Wordress Theme screen shot of demo

Today I want to talk about the Total Wordpress theme by WPExplorer. We'll look at the theme features and talk with AJ Clarke, the developer of Total. I have been using Total since 2014. Before I found the theme, I was using a different Wordpress theme for every site. Wordpress themes tend to have limited customization abilities. If you use the same theme for all of your sites they end up looking the same, even with custom CSS. This means learning a new theme every time you build a site. This also means finding glitches in the code, things don't work right, etc. I have used a ton of themes since I started using Wordpress over 10 years ago; Avada and many more. Every time I'm left feeling like "I wish it did this." I don't have that problem anymore with Total. It just DOES. It could be the poster child for Nike. Total is completely customizable. You really can create an unlimited amount of designs. It's truly insane. The day I installed this theme and saw what it could really do, I nearly cried. Yeah, I know… You're thinking "Get a life, nerd." and I DID - After I…

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Improve your Website’s Search Engine Ranking by Updating it

improve website search engine ranking by updating

Updating your site has great benefits for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing. The more you update your site and make the pages change, the more you get indexed by the search engines. If they see you're frequently serving up fresh, relevant content, your rank will improve. It also keeps your audience coming back to see what you're up to. Sometimes people just don't have the time or ability to update their sites often. If content is difficult to generate for you, site updates should be done carefully so you don't waste the content you do create. It is best to space out those updates if you don't have a lot of content so you don't: 1) Spam folks with your updates. 2) Miss the search engines seeing your updates. As of now, search engines aren't real time. The average site gets spidered about once every two weeks, give or take. Google played around with a real-time beta years ago, but discarded it. If you post two blog articles on the same day, or even within a week of each other, the search engines most likely won't see that you've update twice since they were there last. They will only…

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