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PDFs and Vector

If you have ever lost vector art, listen up.

If you loose your native files (Illustrator, InDesign, Quark) and only have a .pdf of the work, you can put that .pdf back into Illustrator and anything that was vector in it’s native form will go back to such.

If the type was still in tact and not converted to paths, it will require some clean up, but all vector objects will be perfect (or as they were in the final file to the printer – some illustrator treatments require flattening or rasterizing, which you would need the editable version of these graphics to go back to).

As so many printers are now requiring single-page .pdfs for output, these are invariably saved as final files to the printer. Printers may have them on file and you may still have these files on your local drive should your server crash.

I have seen this happen. Massive amounts of data lost. Tears. Heartache. Despair. If you have those .pdfs, you will at least get back your precious vector art. :)

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