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Have you seen Office Space? Man was NOT meant to spend 8 hours a day in a cubicle, indeed.

It is important to like the environment you’re in. Is your “office” a drab cubicle that holds no inspiration? Make it your own! Hang up some sweet artwork or put up some lights. Put some bling on your monitor – only if it’s your computer though! Put some flava in your space. ;)

Some establishments don’t condone free thinking, individuality or creativity. They may not want you bringing in your tie-dyed tapestry from college to make a fort over your cubicle. Bastards.

But you can find things that will get you energized about your work. Take a few minutes between projects and watch those things. Stare at them. Relish in the good things they represent. Then get back to work. I do this a few times a day, especially when I am concepting for a brand. New ideas are everywhere!

Here are some pics of my Office Space to get the ideas flowing:

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